Locate your Corporate Office in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great city to locate your corporate headquarters. Not only is it a good city for business, it also has a great sea port with its international container terminal and a recently upgraded airport, with two runways and two terminals, which guarantees that it will not be easily saturated, even in the months of more traffic.

Its geographical location is also a plus, two hours from London and three from Berlin, with direct flights to New York and other major international destinations, it is also noteworthy that Barcelona has a high-speed train (AVE) that connects it with the Capital of Spain (Madrid) in just under two and a half hours.

The Catalan capital is also within walking distance of the French border, which is also an added value when it comes to locating the corporate headquarters of our company.

open office in Barcelona

Open offices where to retain talent

But it is undoubtedly in the field of talent capture and retention, where Barcelona is shown as a better location in Europe and in the world to locate our corporate headquarters. The city of Barcelona is a world famous destination for its culture, its relaxed lifestyle, its gastronomy, its pleasant weather, its beaches, its terraces, the tapas and also the proximity of the Pyrenees, being two hours away from the stations of skiing of the Cerdanya.

All these characteristics make it an extremely attractive destination to attract and retain highly qualified workers, expats who decide to settle in Barcelona, ​​even to make a family life project.

Large companies and startups that have opened an office in Barcelona

There is no doubt that the city of Barcelona has a great fabric of entrepreneurs. In recent years there have been a large number of large international companies that have opened headquarters in the city of Barcelona.


Facebook has chosen Barcelona, ​​specifically the Glòries tower – in the 22 @ district, the place where entrepreneurs, technology and start-ups are concentrated – to install a center to fight fake news.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company has chosen Barcelona to install this office, where it will install a center similar to the one the company already has in the German city of Essen. Some 500 workers also work in these offices, which are responsible for deleting messages, photos and videos that violate social network rules.


The e-commerce giant once again chose Barcelona to set up an office to serve SMEs (small and medium enterprises) in Spain, France and Italy, through the Amazon Marketplace. The location chosen was also in the 22 @ district, and opened its doors on April 23, 2018, coinciding with the Catalan festival of Sant Jordi.

But this is not the first time that Amazon selects Catalonia for a large investment: in October 2017, Amazon already opened an important logistics center in El Prat de Llobregat, in which, by the way, there are guided tours available.

King (Candy Crush)

The British firm, owner of video games known as Candy Crash and Farm Heroes, already had its headquarters in the Catalan capital, but in January 2018 announced a change of direction: in the same city, but to a larger building, with 9,000 meters squares of space, and also in the 22 @ area.

The purpose: to turn this center into the company’s center for southern Europe. A clear commitment to the city. King has experienced great growth since its creation in 22 @.

In Barcelona there is a wide variety of companies dedicated to the world of videogames, an area in which youth, technology and talent are developed at the highest level and with high levels of demand, good salaries and great working conditions. An industry in constant growth and constant updating.

Garrods Real Estate: It has the professionals

If you are thinking of locating your corporate headquarters in Barcelona , it is best that you have the best team and professionals to ensure a good landing in the Catalan capital. At Garrods Real Estate we have the experience and know-how to ensure that locating your company in Barcelona is a successful project, as well as a great investment.

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Locate your Corporate Office in Barcelona
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