Renegotiation of office rentals in Barcelona

When it comes to facing an office rental renegotiation, it is best to have a group of expert professionals like Garrods by your side.

Garrods is your best ally in any real estate business or corporate operation. Having a team of professionals like ours with long experience is the guarantee that things will turn out well and the results will be as expected.

When facing an office rental renegotiation, count on us. Count on Garrods.

Point-to-point rental renegotiation

We are experts in all legal, financial, economic aspects and with total compliance and respect to the existing laws and regulations, to be able to carry out a negotiation or a renegotiation of rental of your offices successfully.

In addition to helping your company to renegotiate the rental contract for its offices, we can help you with another extensive range of services.

We offer Real Estate Agency, Consulting, Tenant Representation / Tenant Rep, Investment and Corporate Architecture services.

We advise tenants and occupants of business spaces on their real estate needs, offering comprehensive advice.

We advise private and institutional investors in investment processes and divestment of real estate assets.

When facing an office rental renegotiation, count on us. Count on Garrods.

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