Rent space to create a coworking in Barcelona

Barcelona is an ideal city to create. The quality of life, the location, the Mediterranean diet and the good weather almost all year round is a focus of attraction for entrepreneurs and companies. Coworkings have become one of the best options for everything mentioned above and therefore these places have been meeting points and sort of melting pots for both entrepreneurs and start-up companies.

Coworkings are the perfect place to establish new relationships do some networking and put talent in contact with ideas and business angels and other ways of gather money funding. Coworkings are the best places to take advantage of synergies and entrepreneurship all in a row.

Having an expert company in rental and sale of offices and coworking premises such as Garrods can make a difference in the thin line that separates the success and failure of a project.

Rent space to create a coworking in Barcelona

Rent space to ride a coworking in Barcelona

Things to consider when creating a coworking


One of the main factors to consider when choosing a place to install a coworking is the location. There have been many neighborhoods in Barcelona where there have been many coworkings lately such as Gràcia Poblenou and Ciutat Vella.

These neighborhoods are particularly special because of the type of people that inhabit them, to create, capture and develop talent and unite them in the same common space, they are neighborhoods with great social and collective awareness.

Therefore the location should be one of the main factors when considering renting a coworking in Barcelona, ​​although it should not be decisive.

Another factor that we should take into account is the extension and distribution of the premises. The spaces dedicated to coworking should make spaces that invite talent, networking and synergies to join and ultimately work comfortably.

Lighting and air conditioning

Aspects such as lighting should also be taken into account, such as that the space has good natural lighting.

The space must also have good air conditioning. In this sense, having an energy certificate as optimal as possible can also save us many maintenance costs.


Another important aspect is the proximity to public transport. Many people when renting a space to work take into account how long it takes to travel from their places of residence to their place of work and a few meters away from the subway or bus can make a critical difference, especially to people very aware of the work life balance and also of the climate impact that each displacement implies.


Internal distribution and architecture and interior design is also a very important factor. We must bear in mind that our premises must have both open spaces for Open Office and private rooms for meetings or presentations.

In this sense, our company can help you with interior design and corporate architecture projects and also with everything related to permits to carry out the necessary reforms.

You must think that working spaces are spaces in which different companies are going to get in touch to often pursue a common goal together.

Coworkings with “flow”

It is therefore very important that the place transmits a good feeling and that it provides a good user experience. Applying methodologies such as feng shui or other natural and environmental and social awareness alternatives can also be taken into account when choosing or preparing a space for these purposes.

A good decoration with organic materials and also decorated with indoor plants that provide a pleasant environment, which is conducive to developing talent and incorporating technology in the most posible friendly way to make your customers feel comfortable in a clean and friendly cozy environment.

Been highly committed to the environment can be key to the success of the project.

Business for business: the bottom line

We also want to remind you that the rental of your office or Walking can be a tax deductible expense and therefore it can be a smart investment when it comes to balancing business accounts, in this sense we can help you rent the most suitable place and also to save taxes and maximize profits.

If you are looking for a space, an office, a commercial place to work it, you can count on GARRODS, we are specialists in choosing the best spaces and we are also the Trusted Partner for the success of your project. Get in touch with us and we will guide you in this beautiful endeavour.

Take advantage of synergies, join forces and unite wills to move forward.

On this road you have someone who rides with you: Garrods Real Estate.

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Rent space to create a coworking in Barcelona
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